So what am I watching?

Yes, what are you watching?

In order to effectively talk about what I’m watching, it would be helpful to first know what exactly I’m watching. Let’s get started. Right now I’m watching weekly releases of a few shows which are currently airing this fall season. These shows include:


Bakuman., in short, is about two middle schoolers who are aspiring to be professional mangakas (manga artists).

Quick first episode summary… now. This all begins when Mashiro leaves his notebook in the classroom one day after school. When he returns to find it, he finds fellow classmate (and the top student at the school) waiting for him with it. Flipping to a drawing in the notebook, he quite forwardly suggests that it is his wish to become a mangaka, and that he wants Mashiro’s help in doing so. Reluctant at first, Mashiro eventually decides to help after finding the girl he is interested in, Azuki, has dreams of becoming a seiyuu (voice actor). In an astonishing display of reckless courage, Mashiro ends up asking Azuki to marry him if/when they fulfill their respective dreams. Surprisingly, she agrees. Only, however, if they have minimal contact with eachother until their dreams have been fulfilled. The series takes off with these students working their hardest to achieve their goals by the time they graduate from high school.

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (My Little Sister Can`t Be This Cute)

I’ll refer to this simply as “Ore no Imouto” for the sake of simplicity. In short, this show is about a brother and his sister dealing with her obsession with all things otaku.

First episode summary: Kyousuke is your average high school student. He never has gotten along with his sister, Kirino, very well, but life is more or less ordinary for him. Things change, however, when he finds an eroge (adult, anime video game) laying around on the floor at home. Curious as to where it came from, he casually brings up the topic at dinner to see what kind of reaction he will get out of his family. After being harshly criticized by his father, he concludes that his parents can’t be the culprits. Arriving in his room later, he finds his sister thoroughly searching his room. Although she vehemently denies anything to do with the eroge, he states that he doesn’t care what her hobbies are and gives her the game anyways to “dispose of if she really doesn’t want it”. Late that night, he is awoken by Kirino, who demands his presence in her room. She then unveils an immense, hidden collection of eroges, dvds, and many other otaku related goods. Kirino insists that she would be disowned by everyone she considers close to her if this hobby of hers was to be revealed. She does, however, insist that Kyousuke start playing some of her eroges so that she has someone to talk to about them. Ore no Imouto continues with Kyousuke trying to understand his sister’s strange hobby and help her out where he can.

Psychic Detective Yakumo

Psychic Detective Yakumo is the story of a college student, Yakumo, who was born with the unique ability to see the spirits of the deceased with his left eye. He runs a club (of which he is the only member) which he receives money for helping and advising people with supernatural problems.

First episode summary: Yakumo is approached by a girl named Haruka who heard about him through some of her friends. Haruka and some friends of hers had wondered into an abandoned mansion, which was rumored to be haunted. After being genuinely creeped out, the group left the mansion. However, soon after this venture, several of the people involved ended up dead. In particular, a girl that Haruka is good friends with has mysteriously begun to act violent, and uncontrollable, and has since been placed under hospital care. Haruka suspects her friend has been possessed. Although she cannot come up with the money Yakumo charges her to take on the case immediately, Yakumo sets that aside for now to begin investigating this peculiar series of events. Things begin to spiral out of control when Haruka herself goes missing. Yakumo sets out to try and find her, using some help from the dead. As the series progresses, the cases Yakumo becomes involved in become more and more dangerous, as well as increasingly personal.

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai (The World God Only Knows)

The World God Only Knows, in short, is about Keima. Keima is under a contract with Hell. Keima must release rogue spirits which have possessed otherwise normal girls hearts. He must do this by making them fall in love with him. If he doesn’t complete this mission, he loses his head.

First episode summary: Keima is a gamer; specifically, a dating sim gamer. He plays dating sims all day long; in class, while eating, even while bathing. He’s even known among certain internet circles as the “capturing god” for his ability to “capture” the heart of any girl in a video game. Keima, however, is only interested in video game girls and holds great contempt for real world, 3D girls. Keima is thrust into a predicament when he receives an email from an unknown source, asking him about capturing the hearts of some girls. Assuming this is a challenge, he quickly accepts to uphold his reputation as the capturing god. However, this ended up being a contract from hell. According to the contract, he must free rogue spirits which have possessed the hearts of girls by making these girls fall in love with him. If he fails to complete this, he will lose his head. Hell did, however, send some help in the form of a demon named Elsee. Though clumsy and ignorant to the ways of the human world, Elsee tries her best to understand and help Keima complete this mission. The World God Only Knows shows Keima attempting his skillful video game flirting tactics in the real world in an attempt to live to play another game.

Toaru Majutsu no Index II (A  Certain Magical Index II)

First off, though it should be obvious, you definitely won’t get much out of this show if you haven’t seen the first season. That being said, go watch it. It’s good. Railgun is optional… watch it if you really enjoyed the first season and want more character development. Or if you just want more Biribiri.

Index II continues the tale from the first Index, which, if you haven’t see it, is about the high state of tension which exists between the two societies of science and magic. Touma is a high school student who possesses neither esper powers (which are obtained through science and mental expansion), nor magical ability (which is obtained through spells and runes). He does, however, have the completely unique ability to negate any supernatural ability which his left hand comes into contact with.

Episode one summary: Index continues to stay with Touma, under his protection, after the events which took place in the first season. Things have settled down after these events, and life has more or less returned to normal for Touma (with the addition of Index as a roommate). This peace is upset, however, when an unknown man shows up to abduct Index, leaving Touma with little clue as to what his intentions or destination may be. Touma sets out on a city-wide search for Index with  nothing but the meows of Index’s cat, Sphinx, and his gut feeling to guide him. Touma finds the man on a rooftop as just as he begins to use magic to tap into the mind of Index and retrieve one of the many Grimoirs which have been implanted in her memory. Index II Begins introducing additional characters and begins to focus on happenings in the society of magic.

Although several of these shows are going to be wrapping up in the upcoming few weeks, I’m going to be blogging about my experiences watching them and throw out some opinions as well. Now, on to the non-weekly show that I’m currently watching, Samurai Champloo. I know, I know… everyone has seen Samurai Champloo. Well, I haven’t, somehow, so I’m going to throw out a summary for those few others that may have missed it as well.

Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo revolves around Fuu, a waitress who lost her place in the world, Mugen, a reckless, aggressive, but skilled warrior, and Jin, a calm, composed samurai who has undergone years of professional training. This unlikely trio encounters many problems and adventure on their search for the samurai who smells of sunflowers.

Episode one summary: Fuu is a bit of a clumsy waitress who is used to a bit of the rough company she has to deal with on a daily basis. Things begin to get out of hand, however, when she accidentally spills a drink on the son of the town ruler. A travelling warrior, Mugen, pledges to protect her in exchange for some food, which she quickly agrees to. Mugen does so effortlessly, but through a chance encounter, ends up in a fight with Jin, an innocent traveler who had nothing to do with the brawl. The restaurant catches fire and the two warriors are sentenced to death for their crimes. Fuu, however, sees an opportunity in this series of events and offers to help free the two if they pledge to help her find a “samurai who smells of sunflowers”. Things don’t go quite as planned, but after her actions, she is left with no home to return to and ends up travelling with the two unwilling swordsmen. Many adventures will be had as the three search for this mysterious swordsman that Fuu is so intent on finding.

Whew. Props to you if you read through all 1700 words of this post. This was quite the project for my second post, but I got through it! I’ll soon be starting on my weekly “This Week in Anime” posts. Start up one of these shows if it looks appealing to you! Thanks for reading!


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