This Week in Anime (12/5/2010)

Beware the rabid otakus!

Generally, I’m going to try and make my “This Week in Anime” posts moderately short recaps of what I’ve seen and thought during the week. However, since I’m just getting started and have no posts to work with for the week, this is going to be a longer post going through the individual episodes. Read it all if you’d like, or skip to the show you’re currently watching. Not too much going on this week aside from me continuing my weekly series. Actually, I’m behind on Psychic Detective Yakumo due to Nordkohl dropping it and gg being slow on the release (can’t blame them too much though, as the Nordkohl dropping was rather sudden and gg was not originally subbing that series). I’m also behind on Index II, but that’s due to my own laziness. I’ll include that episode in a future post. Anyways, without further ado, here’s what I’ve been up to this week in anime.

Ore no Imouto Episode 10

Ore no Imouto Episode 10 continues the series tendency to get off track. I’m actually not sure what track it should be on, seeing as I have not read the manga. It doesn’t really seem to be on any type of track at the moment though. This is potentially problematic since the show will be wrapping up in the next few episodes. Honestly, I think Ore no Imouto had the strongest starting episodes of any of the Fall 2010 anime I’m watching this season. However, it gradually began losing it’s momentum, and though I still find it an entertaining watch, it definitely has lost a point or two in my book.

In this episode, we see the return of Ayase as she approaches Kyousuke for help in finding Kirino a suitable present for her birthday (One which relates to Kirino’s favorite hobby). Though she makes it very clear that she still refuses to accept this hobby of Kirino’s, she does decide to make an exception for a birthday. If nothing else, she still wants to get her friend something she will cherish.

We can definitely see how Ayase is loosening up to the idea of Kirino’s otaku tendencies; however, she still does not comprehend them in the least. On a side note, this series has not ceased to impress me with it’s beautifully animated backdrops. This is definitely one of (if not the) best looking shows this season.

If only gift shopping for people I know was as easy as it seems to be for Kirino. For the life of me I’m never sure if the present I’m buying is ever actually going to be used. In the end it always seems like a better (yet less personal) option to just give them money. Anyways, after narrowing it down to what they believe is the best possible present for Kirino, all that’s left is to present the option to Ayase. She takes it well.

Damn. That is all.

We get to see that Ayase has a bit of a devious side to her. It’s ok though, as her friend is a complete brat. We also get to see Kyousuke looking rather suave in his disguise.

The remainder of the episode features a large audience of otaku fanboys (with the sole exception of Kirino), an over-saturation of moe, and an excessive amount of Ayase’s brat of a friend. In the end though, everything works out, as would be expected from a show such as Ore no Imouto, and Kirino gets her one-of-a-kind present.

As I stated previously; there’s nothing particularly wrong with this episode. I wasn’t bored while watching it, and even had a few laughs. However, as a part of the whole series, this episode contributed essentially nothing aside from a bit of character development for Ayase. It would be nice if they could accomplish that while furthering the overall plot of the show… but perhaps I’m just worried due to the distinct lack of episodes they have to wrap up a story. Episode 11 should be released tonight or tomorrow, so you may hear back from me soon!

The World God Only Knows Episode 10

I’m actually very pleased in the direction this show is going. In my opinion, each arc has better than the last. With the exception of the cake filler episode, I have really been enjoying the recent episodes. If it continues this trend as the series progresses, it may turn out to be my favorite show this season.

Episode 10 continues the Shiori arc, which is my favorite arc so far. She’s by far the cutest of the girls he’s had to capture and there were some serious d’awwwww moments in this episode.

After his overwhelming success with Kanon-chan, Keima decides to play hard-to-get again. Keima’s strategy is to throw out various comments and do specific activities just to provoke a response out of Shiori and get her out of her shell. This results in some unexpected (and cute) responses from Shiori.

You got that right.

It’s interesting how Shiori’s tendency to shut out the world in her safe-house of books parallels Keima’s addiction to his dating sims. Although, in his defense, he is quite aware of his own problems, but chooses to embrace them. Perhaps this is what gives him the insight to get Shiori to start to open up? Much of the rest of the episode is similar encounters and some  background on Shiori. It doesn’t get old though. I love that almost every line she has is in her mind. It’s laughable to think what it’s like for Keima to be sitting there, being started at intently while Shiori sorts out her thoughts.

In the end, Keima does get her name. He also get’s her to start stating her thoughts aloud to him, which, although they are negative, she is at least opening up. The episode ends, building up into what will most likely be the last episode of this arc. I’m looking forward to it!

Creepin' in the library.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It may very well be my favorite The World God Only Knows episode yet. I’m very much looking forward to the end of this arc, and to where this series is going in general.

Bakuman. Episode 10

I’ve been wondering for a while now what the deal with the period in the title of Bakuman. is all about. I suppose it’s unimportant, but it still bugs me a bit. Bakuman started out as my favorite show this season. It really drew me in from the start and was even a bit inspirational. I liked all the characters; I even liked the romance between Mashiro and Azuki despite the heavy criticism it tends to receive. Don’t get me wrong; I’m still enjoying the series. It has, however, lost some of it’s original appeal over time. Although a good amount of character development has been accomplished, the story is pretty much at a stand still on all fronts. About the only real progression we’ve had in recent episodes is the Takagi/Miyoshi “relationship” and the slow introduction of Niizuma.

Anyways, Bakuman episode 10. Honestly, not a whole lot happens this episode that we haven’t seen before. Takagi spends his time dodging Miyoshi, Mashiro spends his time being bipolar.

Half of the episode is spent in a meeting with Hattori. Hattori, in case you have missed it, has become much more blunt with the two in recent episodes. He likely sees that they’ve been through several heavy disappointments so far and haven’t given up yet, so he feels he can become more critical of them without inadvertently causing them to give up. He does, however, give Mashiro the confidence boost he needed after his depression over the review of their most recent entry.

They end up getting a mixture of encouragement and criticism for the next 15 minutes of the show. Nothing new here except for some words from the  Editor in Chief. Miyoshi gets on the bandwagon and hates on the Mashiro/Azuki romance. Am I the only one that thinks it’s kinda cute?

Another trip to the editor. The majority of this episode is spent in that building. However, this did give me some laughs.

See what I mean about him being more blunt?

In the end, as previously stated, I wouldn’t say it was a particularly bad episode… it just didn’t introduce anything new really. The past couple of episodes have had this problem. At the rate it’s going, I’m beginning to think that Bakuman would be better suited as a 12 or 13 episode anime, rather than the 25 episodes which it has been allotted. It’s crawling along at the moment with very little development per episode, and while I like the show as a whole… it’s moving too slowly for it’s own good and becoming repetitive. Hopefully we’ll start seeing some major progression in the near future!

That’s about it I suppose. I need to get back on Samurai Champloo… I’ve been putting it off for various activities. One of which was actually the creation of this blog.

Visual Novel

One thing I’ve actually tried out for the first time which may interest someone is a visual novel. I’ve been moderately curious about them for some time now, but I finally got around to trying one out. I chose Fate/Stay Night, which seemed like a good choice for a first title due to its popularity and overall good reception. I’m enjoying it so far, although I’m only about 4-5 hours in at the moment. One thing that’s really standing out for me is the music. I actually went to the soundboard and was playing around with my unlocked tracks for several hours. I’ll probably write some more on this once I’ve progressed further.

Thanks for reading! I should have posts up on Index II before too long, as well as the new episodes of Ore no Imouto, Bakuman, and Psychic Detective Yakumo when they become available.



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  1. Hmm, have you tried watching Otome Yokai Zakuro? I really enjoy that one and it’s probably one of my favorites for the season.

    • I actually have not seen any of that yet. I was pretty curious about it, but just never got around to trying out the first few episodes.

      I’ll give it a shot if I have some extra time!

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