Ore no Imouto Episode 11

Are you?

I contemplated doing a double post on Ore no Imouto and Bakuman episode 11’s. However, in the end I decided to spare you a wall of text and do the Bakuman post at a later time (probably tomorrow).

Ah, the end is near. Or is it? Apparently, Ore no Imouto is actually getting four additional episodes when it’s released on DVD/BD. The makers are calling the episode 12 ending which will air next week the “Good Ending”, while the 4 additional episodes to get released with the DVDs are being called the “True Ending”. These 4 new episodes will feature a new episode 12 to replace the “good ending” episode 12, followed by episodes 13-15. Think of it as an alternate ending.

I was actually quite pleased with this episode. I wasn’t expecting much, given the direction (or lack of) the show has been going in for, oh, half the season now. Episode 11, however, reminded me why I found Ore no Imouto so enjoyable in the beginning. Sure, Kirino is still a brat like always… but at least she’s back to being tsundere instead of a pure bitch. I never quite shared the loathing of Kirino I saw in many others, but her character was just becoming plain unlikable. I’m also please with the return of Manami. I have missed her since episode 6 (which may have been my favorite episode. Her grandparents were pure win.). Anyways, we get some nice new animation for the opening, which I really liked the way they handled.

Manami makes her triumphant (although short-lived) return early on in the episode after running into Kyousuke at the supermarket. The whole series of events with Manami and Kirino were pretty amusing. It was nice to see Kirino back to her jealous, conniving self again. Kyousuke does his best to save face, but it ends up having no effect on his friendship with Manami in the end. Also, Kirino taking things waaaay overboard to make her point (while in denial of it the whole time) was hilarious and cute.

Way to blow things out of proportion...

As a side note; my Japanese vocab word for this week has got to be megane, or “glasses”. After watching the 4 episode OVA Megane na Kanojo (Translated roughly to “Girlfriends with Glasses”), and seeing Kyousuke’s collection of Mee-gane magazines I don’t think I’ll be forgetting megane any time soon. We move on to part two of the episode which features the reunification of all of the otaku girls. Saori throws the maid party for Kirino’s birthday as planned. However, it now has the additional purpose of serving as an apology to Kyousuke for Kirino’s behavior regarding Manami.

They've finally accepted their fates.

Kirino continues being tsundere while everyone else tries to enjoy themselves. Kuroneko provokes Kirino as usual with her homemade manga (I’m moderately surprised that Kirino didn’t have much of a comeback aside from confiscating the laptop). Kuroneko continues to provoke Kirino, this time by actually threatening her position as “little sister” by calling Kyousuke nii-chan (Which did make me d’aww a bit inside). After Kirino reacts negatively, Kyousuke finally snaps and speaks his mind to Kirino. This finally leads Kirino to apologize to Kyousuke about everything. She even throws in a surprisingly heartfelt “thank you” speech… I’m not gonna lie, I was moved.

In the end, the gift she got for him was just another Imouto eroge. She’s thinking of him in her own way though. I was a bit curious about this line though:

Not sure what Kuroneko and Saori are up to there

That seems like some serious hinting to me. This was, without a doubt, one of my favorite episodes of Ore no Imouto so far. I’m definitely looking forward to the finale next week, as well as the “true ending” this summer.

Bakuman post is coming soon. Thanks for reading!


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