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Bakuman & The World God Only Knows Episode 11

The next big horror film... The Librerian.

Well, I’ve been sick the past few days (still am, actually, but at least I can breathe again) and didn’t feel up to doing the Bakuman post until now… so I’ll be doing a double post on Bakuman and The World God Only Knows episode 11’s.

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Ore no Imouto Episode 11

Are you?

I contemplated doing a double post on Ore no Imouto and Bakuman episode 11’s. However, in the end I decided to spare you a wall of text and do the Bakuman post at a later time (probably tomorrow).

Ah, the end is near. Or is it? Apparently, Ore no Imouto is actually getting four additional episodes when it’s released on DVD/BD. The makers are calling the episode 12 ending which will air next week the “Good Ending”, while the 4 additional episodes to get released with the DVDs are being called the “True Ending”. These 4 new episodes will feature a new episode 12 to replace the “good ending” episode 12, followed by episodes 13-15. Think of it as anĀ alternateĀ ending.

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Toaru Majutsu no Index II Episode 10

Kamina?! Is that you?

Toaru Majutsu no Index is actually a series which I didn’t become involved with until recently. A few weeks ago I was reading a bit about the second season and thought that it seemed like a show I would enjoy. I then proceeded to marathon my way through the first season, as well as Railgun over the next week or so. I’m a pretty big fan of the series and am definitely looking forward to seeing where they are heading with season two.

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