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Ore no Imouto Episode 11

Are you?

I contemplated doing a double post on Ore no Imouto and Bakuman episode 11’s. However, in the end I decided to spare you a wall of text and do the Bakuman post at a later time (probably tomorrow).

Ah, the end is near. Or is it? Apparently, Ore no Imouto is actually getting four additional episodes when it’s released on DVD/BD. The makers are calling the episode 12 ending which will air next week the “Good Ending”, while the 4 additional episodes to get released with the DVDs are being called the “True Ending”. These 4 new episodes will feature a new episode 12 to replace the “good ending” episode 12, followed by episodes 13-15. Think of it as anĀ alternateĀ ending.

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Toaru Majutsu no Index II Episode 10

Kamina?! Is that you?

Toaru Majutsu no Index is actually a series which I didn’t become involved with until recently. A few weeks ago I was reading a bit about the second season and thought that it seemed like a show I would enjoy. I then proceeded to marathon my way through the first season, as well as Railgun over the next week or so. I’m a pretty big fan of the series and am definitely looking forward to seeing where they are heading with season two.

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This Week in Anime (12/5/2010)

Beware the rabid otakus!

Generally, I’m going to try and make my “This Week in Anime” posts moderately short recaps of what I’ve seen and thought during the week. However, since I’m just getting started and have no posts to work with for the week, this is going to be a longer post going through the individual episodes. Read it all if you’d like, or skip to the show you’re currently watching. Not too much going on this week aside from me continuing my weekly series. Actually, I’m behind on Psychic Detective Yakumo due to Nordkohl dropping it and gg being slow on the release (can’t blame them too much though, as the Nordkohl dropping was rather sudden and gg was not originally subbing that series). I’m also behind on Index II, but that’s due to my own laziness. I’ll include that episode in a future post. Anyways, without further ado, here’s what I’ve been up to this week in anime.

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