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This Week in Anime (12/5/2010)

Beware the rabid otakus!

Generally, I’m going to try and make my “This Week in Anime” posts moderately short recaps of what I’ve seen and thought during the week. However, since I’m just getting started and have no posts to work with for the week, this is going to be a longer post going through the individual episodes. Read it all if you’d like, or skip to the show you’re currently watching. Not too much going on this week aside from me continuing my weekly series. Actually, I’m behind on Psychic Detective Yakumo due to Nordkohl dropping it and gg being slow on the release (can’t blame them too much though, as the Nordkohl dropping was rather sudden and gg was not originally subbing that series). I’m also behind on Index II, but that’s due to my own laziness. I’ll include that episode in a future post. Anyways, without further ado, here’s what I’ve been up to this week in anime.

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